We offer a complete repair, custom manufacturing and retail service geared to our customers needs.

CAC PLASTICS, LLC.,  Alaska’s Plastic & Fiberglass Source offers a wide range of services. Boats, watercraft or aircraft components, we fix them all, or help you do-it-yourself with the right products and techniques.

CAC Plastics, LLC. is pleased to offer the following services (if you don’t see it here, just ask):

  • Fiberglass and Composite repairs (boat, motorhome, watercraft & snowmachine cowling etc.)
  • Boat Bottom Painting
  • Mold and prototype building (fiberglass, composite, silicone)
  • Part manufacturing (one- time or production) Fiberglass, composite or plastic
  • Plastic Fabrication (cases, windshields, tanks, etc.)
  • Plastic Welding (repair or fabrication)
  • Plastic Cutting (dog sled runners, wearstrips, custom cuts, etc.)
  • Field Service (boat moisture check, consulting on your project, etc. )
  • Custom Projects ( limited only to your imagination)


  • Hand-lay
  • Vacuum bagging
  • High Temp Curing & Thermo Forming
  • Pre-Preg
  • Plastic Welding