The Pac-Rat! ATV Trailer Designed For Alaskan Terrain.

This design has been field tested and proven to outperform any trailer of it’s type. The rounded and tapered front as well as the recessed frame let the Pac-Rat glide over brush and stumps while diverting mud and water to keep it from bogging & slowing you down. The rounded back also makes reversing in these conditions just as easy.

Fabricated of rugged Polyester resin and composite fabrics, the Pac-Rat is hand laid for superior strength and light weight.

The Pac-Rat is now available in three sizes to fit your needs and with a lid that is strong enough to haul moose quarters on, or lumber to your cabin. The lid also keeps the inside free of mud, water, swamp juice!

The Fat Rat UTV

Designed to track behind.

The Fat Rat UTV | Pac-Rat ATV Trailer
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The Sportsman

The “standard” in our line-up.

The Sportsman Pac-Rat ATV Trailer
The Sportsman
The Outfitter

The trailer for a large camp.

The Outfitter Pac-Rat ATV Trailer
The Outfitter