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Snowmachine & Dog Sleds


Let CAC Plastics help you with all of your plastic needs!

Dog Sleds

  • Runner Plastic for all runner styles including our special GRAPHITE used by top Iditarod mushers including Dee Dee Jonrowe

  • Exotic Graphite, Titanium, Teflon and Nylon plastic raw stock in many shapes and sizes including angle and rod stock.

  • Dog SledsSled Parts - custom & standard replacements

  • All sizes of UHMW & HDPE plastics

  • All in stock and we can ship ANYWHERE!


  • SnowmachinesBelly Pan
    Replacement plastics or welding repair service

  • Sled plastics
    For building, repairing or for runners.
    UHMW in all sizes & lengths, natural, black and many colors!

  • Trailer plastics
    For trailer beds, ramps or salt shields.
    UHMW in all sizes & lengths, natural, black and many colors.

  • Cowling Repairs
    Fiberglass & Composite, also materials (epoxy or polyester) for the do-it-yourselfer!
    Plastic Welding for many plastics, such as ATVís and Argoís.

  • Windshield
    Replacement Plastic or Custom Fab
    NOVUS Cleaner & Polish for windshields and face sheilds

new Bison Sleds

All fiberglass sled made by CAC!

Bison Sleds

  • 8 ft long, 43" wide, 16" deep w/ UHMW runners. Hitch optional.

  • Big & tough enough to carry a Bison!

  • Your choice of color.

$1,595.00 Sled only
$1,995.00 w/hitch

Proud to be an Alaskan Moose

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